Wee LaF for the May 22 Weekend - LaF 45

For the Memorial Day Weekend, LaF is previewing two films opening in wide release. Episode 45 looks at Tomorrowland starring Britt Robertson and George Clooney, which is an original story from Pixar director Brad Bird. For nostalgic horror-fans, the remake of Poltergeist opens on over 3,200 screens. This time Sam Rockwell and Rosmarie DeWitt play the parents trying to rescue their daughter after her abduction by spirits haunting the family home. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames have Redbox and streaming picks for those staying at home this weekend. 

Spring Movie Preview - LaF 34

LaF is proud to bring you it's annual Spring Movie Preview. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames have poured over countless movie trailers to compile their top 5 lists. Now the guys are ready to share the five movies they are each looking forward to the most this spring. Also, there cannot be a preview episode without a little wager so the guys play Box Office Challenge(timecode - 38:01). The rules are simple - pick four films that will combine to do bigger opening weekend numbers than your opponent's four films. Game On. 

LaF wants to know what movies you are looking forward to watching this spring. Let us know by emailing us at, tweeting us @theLaFpodcast, or sending us a message on