Kingsman: The Secret Service - LaF #22

LaF is reviewing Kingsman: The Secret Service on today's episode. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames have been excited for a couple of months to review this Matthew Vaughn directed spy movie starring Colin Firth and Targon Egerton.  Tune in to find out what the guys have to say about this British secret agent film for the modern audience. 

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What We Want From Movies - LaF #9

What makes for a good movie? Episode #9 of LaF tackles this listener suggested topic. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames talk about what draws them to watch a film and what causes them to talk about the movie on an episode of LaF.  

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The LaFFies Award Show - LaF #8

Before you watch the Oscars, you have to listen to the LaFFies! The L-Train, Mr. Two-Frames and the Registrar are hosting the biggest award show of the season. These aren't your typical movie awards. Where else will you find categories like Best Ending, Best Sequel that Improves on the Original, and Biggest Waste of a Great Cast? Onward Intrepid Listeners.

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2014's Top Ten Movies 10-6 - LaF #6

Another year of movies has come to an end. Join L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames as they celebrate their favorite films of 2014. They are joined on today's show by the artist formerly known as Teacher-Man. Find out what Teacher-Man has been up since he left Menchville and what new name he will be dubbed with. The suspense is killing me.

The Lists  

L-Train's  -

Mr. Two-Frames -

The Registrar -

The Greater Scott Debate - LaF #5

Join the LaF podcast as we examine the universal theme of sibling rivalry through our first VS. podcast. Two directors Ridley and Tony Scott have created some the most iconic movies of our time. Mr. Two Frames Bull sits in the corner with Ridley, while the L-Train sides with Tony. Which Scott deserves our attention?

Winter Movie Preview - LaF #2

Well, this list of movies might include a few movies that people might actually remember. The L-train and Mr. Two Frames mix things up and try to guess which movies we THINK each other will be most excited about. Can we convince each other to be enthusiastic about movies we may have no prior knowledge of?

Summer Movie Preview - LaF #1

Welcome the Summer Movie Review show, the Two Frames has had his ears lowered, and before we review the Summer Movies, we try to decide the limits we will go through for fashionable haircuts. How long before we actually mention Literature on the Literature and Film Podcasts?