Man From Reno

Man from Reno and Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter - LaF 72

For episode 72, LaF is reviewing two art house films that are available for streaming. Man from Reno is a mystery story set in San Francisco. A famous Japanese writer meets a mysterious man whose sudden disappearance leaves her with a suitcase as her only clue to finding him. Along the way she crosses paths with a small town sheriff who is trying to find his own mystery man. The second film has the L-Train and Mr. Two bitterly divided. Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter is about a jaded Japanese woman who travels to Fargo, North Dakota in the hope of finding the briefcase full of money from the movie Fargo. She believes that a worn out VHS tape of the movie is actually a treasure map to the fictional fortune. Find out why one host loved the film and why one will never recommend the movie to anyone.

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