Joel Edgerton

The Gift - LaF 70

LaF is back with another movie review for episode 70. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames are discussing the new feature film The Gift starring Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, and Joel Edgerton. The movie centers around a young married couple whose lives are thrown into chaos when an old acquaintance from the husband's past won't leave them alone. Joel Edgerton wrote and directed this film in additional to playing the creepy Gordo "the Weirdo". Also, LaF discusses the thrillers as a whole, and why Mr. Two-Frames feels there are so many hidden gems in this genre.

We want to thank Atarah Valentine for providing the energetic theme music for LaF 70. Atarah recently performed at Lollapalooza and is preparing his debut solo project. His varied, eclectic influences inform an infectious musical experience!

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