Talking about Shorts - LaF 57

Episode 57 of LaF features the L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames talking about short films. These mini movies can pack all the cinematic punch of a full length film and do it in 15 minutes or less.  Our hosts use them frequently in film classes to teach various aspects of the filmmaking process. The fellas have picked out five short films (Links at the bottom of the show notes) to discuss on today's show. At the 23 minute mark, the guys interview John Cunningham, the award winning director of BLT. Mr. Cunningham was kind enough to come on the show and talk about how he made BLT and Asylum.  

Shorts -

"The Morning Ritual" -


"The Devil's Snare -


"Pigeon Impossible" -!pigeon-impossible/c13d1


Extra Bacon -