2015 LaFFie Award Show - LaF 108

On the final day of the year, LaF is releasing their 108th episode. This special episode is a little something called the LaFFies Award Show. The L-Train and Mr. Two-Frames are here to give out their awards to the best achievements in cinema. The award show highlights all the of the best and most interesting moments of the LaF podcast. 

Here is a preview of the awards - 

The “Tony Christ Award” for Condescending Remark of the Year, Follow him on Twitter @ChristTony

The “L.M. Bryski Award” for Visual Metaphor of the Year, Follow her on Twitter @LMBryski

Nominees for “The Elijah Steele Award” for Song of the Year

  1. JP Kallio “Old Dog” Episode61 - www.jpkalliomusic.com

  2. Erin Sax “Happy” from the Altered Minds Soundtrack Episode 106 - www.erinsax.com

  3. Face the King “You, Me, and the Sound” Episode 74- www.facethekingband.com

  4. Attarah Valentine “ Break Free” Episode 70 - www.facebook.com/AtarahValentineFan/

  5. L-Train , Two Frames, and Registrar “Hello” Episode 94

Nominees for Guest of the Year

  1. Director: Nemanja Bala Love Hunter Episode 26

  2. Actor: Zach Valenti; Actor: Emma Sher-Zarko and Director: Gabrielle Urbina  Wolf 359 Episode: 30

  3. Director: John Cunningham “BLT” on Episode 57

  4. Director: Michael Wechsler Altered Minds on Epidsode98

  5. Actor: C.S Lee Altered Minds Episode 98

  6. Actor: Scott Laske “Registrar” History Boys Episode 94

What was your favorite moment of LaF this year? Write in to the show by emailing theLaFpodcast@gmail.com, tweeting us @theLaFpodcast, or messaging us on Facebook.com/theLaFpodcast.